what kind of program did you have on your ipad to draw digital art? what kind of pen did you use?


I downloaded SketchBookX and Procreate. SketchBookX was free. My stylus is just a general one that came with the case. It’s a cheap one with a rubber end. I don’t think it’s a specific brand lol. 

The crown… is too much responsibility!

The best I can do at the moment.

I’ve had no time to do anything because of my job (which I just quit) so I’m going to disappear for at least 2 weeks while I get my crap together. I’m so tired. I’m surprised I managed this. 

Regarding an update for the Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix Countdown the sign ups are closed and I sent everyone involved their assignments. Let me know if you haven’t gotten your email! I won’t be on tumblr, but you can contact me by the countdown’s email if you have any questions!

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Last March, Yen Press announced that they would resume localizing Shiro Amano’s manga adaptation of the Kingdom Hearts series. The community was overjoyed by the news, as the series had been left unfinished by the hands of Tokyopop, and had been yearning for years for a new publisher to take…


I’m back from NDK and my first experience with the art show there went very well! I sold this piece and also got an award for it! I wish I got to meet the person who took this picture home. Thank you to the person who bought it and the people who bid on it in the first place ;-; 

"Thinking of Lost Friends." is the title. The flower in the picture is a Zinnia flower and the meaning of it is the title. I thought it was perfect for Sora and for the whole series in general. 

ALSO! I’m still looking for artists to join the Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix Countdown! Sign ups end September 20th! That’s this Saturday! Please come join us in counting down to 2.5 and spread the word! More information about this event on the tumblr page: http://kh25countdown.tumblr.com/ 

Thank you!

I have a headcannon that even in Ventus’ vegetative state he still, sometimes, reacted to Vanitas when he was close and in pain. Particularly when Vanitas was choking him out or collapsed on his lap. The unversed were emerging from the floor of his empty room from Vanitas’ uncontrollable feelings after his painful training sessions. Vanitas is screaming, crying and begging to get some attention from him, but he was lifeless. Then something reacted in Ventus’ broken heart (because of his connection with Van) and he laid his hand on Vanitas’ helmet. The unversed seeped back into the floor. Vanitas went quiet. He looked up hoping to see some signs of anything, but all he saw was dullness. It was just a momentary thing. He still wasn’t there.

After Sora’s heart connected with Ven’s he started to move a little bit, but still seemed like a doll. I think Vanitas felt a sort of resentment towards Ventus because his heart was mended by someone else so they were no longer connected other than the fact that he came from him. Vanitas wanted his affection, but he also hurt Ven a lot. Choking him mostly (he never wanted to ruin his pretty face by hitting him), but never came close to killing him before loosening his grip and breaking down. “You’re scared of me aren’t you!?” Though Ventus really showed no emotions at all Van sensed his better half’s unease when he was around him (or maybe he was just paranoid) and would go off on him. When he looked at Ventus all he saw was the look of pity now. He felt no comfort with him anymore. He wanted him to go away, but he also didn’t. Eventually Ventus was sent away (to the Land of Departure for his safety), but he hated every second after he was gone.

“It’s for the best of both of you.” Xehanort said, but he didn’t do this because he cared for them, “You’ll see him again.” It wasn’t until later when Vanitas was about to break too when Xehanort told him of his plan of bringing the two of them together to form the x-blade. “All in due time, Vanitas.”

Woah, I didn’t know how long this was! Rambling headcannons and roughly a one hour eh sketch lol. Some things are based on Vanitas’ backstory in the novel, but it’s also just me being a masochist. Sorry heart;;; 

I think about their relationship a lot. I do want to do a full comic for them one day.