It was the Riku-Ansem battle! 

I’m playing KH Final Mix on Proud and I had such a tough time with this one. On my 10th try I literally only had like 5 HP left, couldn’t get to my items fast enough (I had no MP left), and Riku (Ansem) had a small amount of health left. I was right in front of him and he was getting ready to do that sucky speed running move he does on low health. It was either do or die and thankfully I fit in one last combo fast enough before he could attack again and won! This was how I felt Sora looked during all that struggle. I certainly had to take a breather when it was over haha~

I’m proud of myself for doing this and I actually like it a lot. It has a background and everything! I enjoy looking at the progress shots because it makes me happy that I turned a simple sketch into the finished product you see. So I wanted to share here too. Enjoy! 

Just believeeeee in the heart of the cards-


There ‘ya go anon! I wish it wasn’t so awkward drawing pokemon charas or I’d draw them more…. or maybe that’s the point?

Anyway, no more requests please! I got what I wanted out of this and I appreciate it! Now I want to concentrate on personal stuff now that I’m motivated again. I said this already in a previous post. I don’t wanna start ignoring asks so no more please! 

"You’re just as lazy as he is!"

Dependable Riku doing the heavy lifting and bringing some rope! 

Thanks for the request! Of course you’d give me hard to draw Riku lol. Sorry it took foreverrrr. I’m currently playing KH FM and angsty Riku is getting me all awwww. Too bad my angsty Riku didn’t work out so this was the second Riku I drew. 

I said before this is the last one, but I just got another request yesterday so THAT will be the last one lol. No more requests please! Thanks for getting me out of my drawing slump, but now other things are distracting me (like season 2 of Free!). I’m thinking about my personal projects again~

Also, happy 4th of July fellow Americans!





NEW PALLETS!!!!!! Pleeaaassse send a number and character if your interested! I’m super excited about all these new colors! Ive gone through all the other ones on the last pallet! So send them if you like!!! I love doing this to show my appreciation for and thank all of my awesome followers!!! And its a good distraction and project for me right now. 

Thank you guys! I LOVE YOU


I really want to try this!

i wanna do this but only with yolk

Fanarts only please!— Or character you’re sure I know. (if they’re yours)

Still open to doing this! Kingdom Hearts preferably please! (Wouldn’t mind Pokemon either haha)

(出典: fallenzephyrart)

Final mix baby! Finally started playing this game a few days ago (and finally opened up my PS3 I bought for Christmas). The opening was so glorious in HD omg;;;

Pray for me guys, I decided to play on proud mode D:

I did this for myself, no one asked me lol. I thought I’d challenge myself by using a specific pallet since I’ve never done this before. I didn’t put too much effort into making it anatomically correct so forgive that. 

I love drawing Vanitas all bloody and stuff, but you guys knew that already lol. 

Feel free to request a character from me with the color palette challenge and I’ll try my best to fulfill (preferably KH) <3

Hello everyone! This past Saturday I went to Denver Comic Con. Hope you don’t mind some picture spam lol. Overall it was a very fun Saturday and we had a full (and tiring) day (went with my girl Luu-chan). 

The highlight of my day was getting to meet Veronica Taylor, the original English voice actress for Ash Ketchum. She’s so sweet, and nice and she signed my copy of a Pokemon cd that I have. I also got to take a picture with her! I also met Jeremy Shada, the voice of Finn from Adventure Time. I didn’t get an autograph or take any pictures with him, but Luu did! Autographs cost money at this con so I was limited on who I was going to meet lol. 

The whole day pretty much consisted of just looking around the dealers room (which is HUGE), walking around Denver (specifically around the 16th St mall), and hanging around to watch con goers play Band Hero (I’m guessing that’s the game). We were so tired most of the day lol. We did so much walking XD I got some awesome stuff in the dealers room though! I finally bought myself an alpaca (cute yellow guy), 5 Sailor Moon compact mirrors (you have no idea how shocked I was to find them!), a Free! Nagisa keychain, 2 SM mini figures, 2 KnB mini figures, 2 Evangelion mini figures, 2 Spiderman comics for my bro, and a KH ear jack piece.

I took a lot more photos, but they’re pretty much just of Denver and con goers in the halls. These are just the best ones that’ll fit in tumblr’s 10 photo limit lol. Denver’s such a beautiful place. I’m not used to being in a city like that so it was very fun and I’m glad I got to go out and have fun!