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Took forever, but there you go! This one was tougher than the last, but fun. Thanks for the ask! 

I haven’t drawn Roxas in forever, poor thing. I’m so excited for 2.5 Remix, aren’t you!?

Feel free to request a character from me with the color palette challenge and I’ll try my best to fulfill (preferably KH). I think I’ll take on one more ;)

Edit: Finally added the checker pattern on his jacket since I realized awhile ago I forgot to add them. I knew I’d forget them too lol. 

You draw a lot of really awesome Vanitas :0 What is it about his character that you like?

Thank you! I actually wasn’t into him like that when I first played the game. What got me was the back story that was set up for him in the novels. He wasn’t just some generic KH antagonist, but a tortured soul. I think he has the darkest back story in KH and his relationship with Ventus intrigued me. He was pretty much abused by Xehanort (trained rigorously and suffered for it) and his only comfort-I think-was that Ventus was ‘there’ with him (this was when he was still comatose). His better half-his GOOD half, but he was also hurt when he looked at him. I just think he was in pain all the time emotionally and physically and that is part of the main reason why he turned out like we saw in BBS. His emotions were complicated and I had no idea about them until the novel came out. I think about him a lot actually and what he must have felt and he’s just so interesting to me. His motivation to create the x-blade and why he looked so sad when it went out of his reach… Let me stop before I start rambling lol. Thanks for the ask! I like talking about KH :)


Happy birthday Kenziiiii!! :D :D :D

It’s not much, but here’s a little birthday present for you! I hope that you like it! ^^ May you have a really, really great birthday with lots of presents and cake and ofc, games! xD 

(Also sorry, Sora’s hair is covering your name lmao—let’s just say he’s a little too clumsy…. ;D))

Oh my goodness, thank you! This picture is so precious I love it <333 And what are you saying it’s not much, it’s perfect! Thanks again!

It was the Riku-Ansem battle! 

I’m playing KH Final Mix on Proud and I had such a tough time with this one. On my 10th try I literally only had like 5 HP left, couldn’t get to my items fast enough (I had no MP left), and Riku (Ansem) had a small amount of health left. I was right in front of him and he was getting ready to do that sucky speed running move he does on low health. It was either do or die and thankfully I fit in one last combo fast enough before he could attack again and won! This was how I felt Sora looked during all that struggle. I certainly had to take a breather when it was over haha~

I’m proud of myself for doing this and I actually like it a lot. It has a background and everything! I enjoy looking at the progress shots because it makes me happy that I turned a simple sketch into the finished product you see. So I wanted to share here too. Enjoy! 

Just believeeeee in the heart of the cards-


There ‘ya go anon! I wish it wasn’t so awkward drawing pokemon charas or I’d draw them more…. or maybe that’s the point?

Anyway, no more requests please! I got what I wanted out of this and I appreciate it! Now I want to concentrate on personal stuff now that I’m motivated again. I said this already in a previous post. I don’t wanna start ignoring asks so no more please! 

"You’re just as lazy as he is!"

Dependable Riku doing the heavy lifting and bringing some rope! 

Thanks for the request! Of course you’d give me hard to draw Riku lol. Sorry it took foreverrrr. I’m currently playing KH FM and angsty Riku is getting me all awwww. Too bad my angsty Riku didn’t work out so this was the second Riku I drew. 

I said before this is the last one, but I just got another request yesterday so THAT will be the last one lol. No more requests please! Thanks for getting me out of my drawing slump, but now other things are distracting me (like season 2 of Free!). I’m thinking about my personal projects again~

Also, happy 4th of July fellow Americans!





NEW PALLETS!!!!!! Pleeaaassse send a number and character if your interested! I’m super excited about all these new colors! Ive gone through all the other ones on the last pallet! So send them if you like!!! I love doing this to show my appreciation for and thank all of my awesome followers!!! And its a good distraction and project for me right now. 

Thank you guys! I LOVE YOU


I really want to try this!

i wanna do this but only with yolk

Fanarts only please!— Or character you’re sure I know. (if they’re yours)

Still open to doing this! Kingdom Hearts preferably please! (Wouldn’t mind Pokemon either haha)

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